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Dedicated Advisor

At Core, you will always have a dedicated financial advisor who will work with you and for you, providing clear recommendations and support to help grow and protect your wealth.

Experienced Team

With decades of experience, our advisors have seen the market weather all kinds of conditions – from highs to lows, and variable in-betweens. Our clients get to leverage this experience through our personalised service.


Trust is all about delivery. Our team's personal, focused approach means we do what we say we will do, and always deliver on our Core values. Ultimately, these values and our reliability are why our clients keep returning.

Accurate, Timely Adice

Good investment advice is both strategic and responsive. Our advisors are adept at navigating the ever-changing financial environment, to provide you with accurate, timely advice to help build your investment portfolio and increase your financial stability.

Our promise? To simplify your financial life.

We’ll tailor your financial objectives into a personalised wealth management plan - and keep your interests at the very centre of everything we do.

At Core, our wealth advice service means you will have a dedicated financial advisor who will work with you and for you, providing clear recommendations to help grow and protect your wealth. We are directly accountable for the investment and financial advice we provide to our clients, which is what we believe our clients require of us.

Our investment advisors provide investment strategy advice, investment selection and portfolio management, investment management and administration and access to ASX listed entities.


Results you can rely on

"Shane has provided professional financial advice which has met our needs and he has been excellent at answering specific questions in a clear and thoughtful manner. The difficulty in managing retirement superannuation has been eased by his thorough and precise advice. There have been challenges which have been negotiated with appropriate outcomes. This has been reassuring over the past few years. The personal service has been timely and efficient. We have not spent time identifying ourselves to unknown individuals which happened with larger organisations. We have benefitted from the clear vision we have about the management of the funds."

Gordon & Naomi Wright

"What sets Shane apart is his ability to blend professionalism and friendship. He took the time to get to know us, and understand our financial goals to create a personalised plan that we felt had be designed specifically for us. His approachability for us to ask any questions was make so easy by his patience and explanations to us. We would have no reservations in recommending Shane to anyone who is seeking a financial planner for their retirement plan."

Peter & Denise Gava

"During my dealings with Chris, I have found him to understand not only the ever-changing financial landscape, but how it affects my investment portfolio during the various stages of life. From the beginning, Chris and Core have integrated their experience to deliver performance with a commitment to understanding my individual goals and tolerance to risk. Of particular benefit is Core’s ability to trade directly on overseas stock markets which provides my portfolio with exposure to leading global companies and the transparency and efficiency associated with this."

Dr Jason McMillen 

"Since implementing the insurance strategy devised by Michael, I have found peace of mind knowing that my loved ones and assets are adequately protected. The comprehensive coverage not only fits my budget but also provides a sense of security that extends far beyond what I had imagined."

Peter Hackett

"David and I came to Shane to discuss our personal superannuation fund, longer term estate planning and to also discuss the options that were available for our future financial security in retirement.  It was achieved in a very professional manner, while at the same time putting us totally at ease and took the time to get a feeling for where we were at.   Shane always explains everything thoroughly and we never felt uncomfortable asking questions or expressing an opinion, all tailored to suit our situation and future needs, by putting our finances in Shane's care for him to guide us in the right direction. We have no hesitation in recommending Shane's services with complete trust, and the knowledge of his team ensures there are no questions left unanswered in determining the right strategy for their clients."

David & Susan Gray


Answers to your Core financial questions

Can you assist with retirement planning? 

When it comes to planning your retirement there is a lot to consider and there are many questions:

- How much do I need to retire?

- Where should I invest my money?

- How do I preserve my capital?

- How much tax will I pay?

- Will my family be okay?

Regardless of how much you need, it’s important to start planning early to ensure you have sufficient savings to do the things you want in retirement.

Core Wealth Advisors can help you develop retirement strategies that suit your personal circumstances and help you reach your retirement objectives, so you can have the retirement you have dreamed about.

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia*, to achieve a comfortable retirement at age 65, retired singles who own their home will need to spend $44,011 a year and couples $60,457 a year.

With our average life expectancy increasing (women 87 years and men 84 years) we also need to budget for more time spent in retirement. For example, if your goal is to retire when you are 65, you would want to plan for at least a 20 year retirement.

Work out how much you will need to retire by using the retirement calculator provided by Money Smart (https://moneysmart.gov.au/retirement-income/retirement-planner).

How do you select investments?

The selection of investments is based on thorough research, not speculation. We will clearly explain our investment decision process and walk you through the investment advice we provide to you in a way that makes sense to you. If you don’t understand it, we won’t do it.

Our expert financial advisors and investment advisors establish your financial needs, requirements and risk profile, then devise tailored wealth advice and investment strategies that fit within your comfort level, to build your portfolio and achieve your goals.

How do you manage my money?

We manage our clients' money like we do our own – vigilantly. With access to a wide range of investment products to suit individual requirements, we diversify our portfolios with the intent to minimise risk and to achieve above benchmark returns.

How will you construct the right investment strategy for me?

Through an in depth strategy process we’ll work with you to understand your present financial situation and goals, and then go away and create a strategy with them as our focus. We’ll then present you with your options so you can make a decision on the way forward and then implement.

What is the core investment philosophy?

Core’s investment philosophy implements a thematic approach that exhibits value characteristics complementing the partial utilisation of passive strategies.

We employ a fundamental analysis methodology and will select investments that are aligned with our view of the macro outlook, the general direction of the economy and capital markets, and are in Core’s preferred asset classes and market sectors.

How do you respond to market changes?

A capital preservation focus will be adopted where market conditions demand this approach. The asset allocations implemented for Core’s portfolios also target relatively lower levels of volatility with the aim of smoothing investment returns.

Asset allocations can shift with weightings to specific asset allocations being varied to meet Core’s view on market conditions providing flexibility to the investment strategy.

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