Kelly Sikkema

Insurance Relief Measures

In light of the recent floods in QLD and NSW, many insurers have put in place relief measures for affected policy holders.

If you have personal insurance through our advisory, and have been directly impacted by the floods, we would encourage you to reach out to us, or your insurer directly, to see if you qualify for any flood support.

An example of a flood support provided by an insurer could be a premium waiver for one month of personally owned, monthly paid policies.

Examples of being “directly impacted” could be:

  • You have been directly impacted by the floods (e.g. are unable to operate your business, have lost income, lost your home, need temporary accommodation), or
  • You have been volunteering in flood impacted regions or are with emergency response teams (to the detriment of your own financial wellbeing). 

Each insurer will have differing offers and/or qualifying requirements, and each policy holder’s situation will be handled on a case by case basis by the insurer. Generally speaking, you should contact your insurer and provide them with:

  • Your address (including post code)
  • Your policy numbers
  • How you have been directly effected by the flood / weather events

You can then find out from them exactly what relief measures might be available to you.

While our advisory looks after personal insurance policies (Life, TPD, Trauma or Income Protection) and we are aware of relief efforts in relation to these policies, it is also important to note that you may be able to seek relief on your general insurance and/or health policies as well.

Should you wish to discuss relief measures with your insurer, please contact them directly, or us at with the information noted above, and we’ll liaise with your insurer in the first instance.