Wealth & Investment

Establish your personal financial objectives, assess your risk profile, and tailor a wealth advice and investment strategy.


Our financial advisors get to know all of our clients before making recommendations. Together, we establish your personal financial objectives and assess your risk profile before tailoring a unique wealth advice and investment strategy for you.

Core’s investment advisors provide investment strategy advice, investment selection and portfolio management, investment management and administration and access to ASX listed entities.

Our advisors’ approach to planning for your financial future takes into consideration your current financial position and what your future needs or goals are.

With over two decades of experience, our financial advisors have seen the market weather all kinds of conditions, from highs to lows and variable in-betweens. It is through this experience we are able to guide you through the maze of today to enable you to achieve your goals of tomorrow.

We Manage Your Money Like It’s Our Own

We manage our clients money like we do our own, vigilantly. With access to a wide range of investment products to suit individual requirements, we diversify our portfolios with the intent to minimise risk and to achieve above benchmark returns.

Research, Not Speculation

The selection of investments is based on thorough research not speculation. We will clearly explain our investment decision process and walk you through the investment advice we provide to you in a way that makes sense to you. If you don’t understand it, we won’t do it.

Accurate, Timely Advice

Our investment advisors know how to navigate an ever-changing financial environment, and can provide you with accurate, timely advice to help build your investment portfolio and increase your financial stability.

Investment Advice Based on Risk Profile and Goals

Our expert financial advisors and investment advisors establish your financial needs, requirements and risk profile, then devise tailored wealth advice and investment strategies that fit within your comfort level, to build your portfolio and achieve your goals.

Our Investment Management Philosophy

Core’s investment philosophy implements a thematic approach which exhibits value characteristics complementing partial utilisation of passive strategies.

Core employs a fundamental analysis methodology and will select investments that in its view align with the macro view, the outlook for the economy and capital markets, and; that are in Core’s preferred asset classes and market sectors.

A capital preservation focus will be adopted where market conditions demand this approach. The asset allocations implemented for Core’s portfolios also target relatively lower levels of volatility with the aim of smoothing investment returns.

Asset allocations can shift with weightings to specific asset allocations being varied to meet Core’s view on market conditions providing flexibility to the investment strategy.